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The Fir Tree

COS Stores

"When I was a seedling I dreamed of being other things."

A winter's scented storytelling installation for COS stores. 

This abstract tree, mounted in-store, featured hundreds of tactile printed leaves, with more appearing each week to tell the next chapter in the story.

Lean into the pages as you read and you will be taken further in to the story of The Fir Tree, inhaling the smell of a stark boreal landscape: fir trees, damp lichen, cold air, earth and mushrooms. The scent was micro-encapsulated into the pages to endure for years, perhaps rediscovered months later and the smell reawakened.  

The Fir Tree featured a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's fable by author Joe Dunthorne, with an audio version read by Richard Aoyade. 

Scent created with perfumers at CPL Aromas. Overarching campaign from Visual Editions with design by Nina Jua Klein


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