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Woman smelling aroma while looking at abstract painting

Tate Sensorium

Flying Object, Tate Britain

Galleries are overwhelmingly visual. But people are not – the brain understands the world by combining what it receives from all five senses. Can taste, touch, smell and sound change the way we ‘see’ art?

Tate Sensorium, the IK Prize-winning piece from creative studio Flying Object, featured paintings to be experienced through sounds, smells, tastes and physical forms.

I was embedded within the team to produce all fragrance elements. from creative concepts for each artwork, developing scents with perfumers from fragrance house IFF, mounting the fragrances, and the gritty work around conservation.

Tate Sensorium attracted global media print and broadcast coverage, and was awarded best exhibition design at the 2016 Design Week awards.

Woman smelling scent from a diffuser in art gallery
Blurred image of person looking at Hamilton pop-art collage
Woman sniffing scented object in front of gallery painting

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