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Black perfumed objects in exhibition at Somese House, London

Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent

Somerset House 

I co-curated a major new exhibition which featured ten extraordinary perfumes and their pioneering creators, who have radically changed our perceptions of fragrance over the last 20 years.

The exhibition brought a vibrant perfume scene into wider public consciousness, sharing the contemporary cult perfumes shaking up scent culture and the unseen works of art worn on our skin.

Perfume took visitors through a series of rooms designed to reflect the inspirations of the scents, from a Catholic confessional to a water theme park. A functional perfume lab at the end of the exhibition hosted a constant programme of events and demonstrations. 


Realised in association with Coty and Peroni Ambre, with additional support from Givaudan.

Images by Peter McDiarmid for Somerset House

Exhibition display of perfume bottles at Somerset House London
Perfumed toy objects and photo-booth at Somerset House Londo
Man lying on bed smelling perfume at London exhibition
Person writing descriptions of perfume on card at Somerset House London
People smelling bottles in perfume laboratory

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