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Black perfumed objects in exhibition at Somese House, London


Curated by Allegra Shorto, at The Freud Museum

An invitation to experience the air quality of five major cities, by journeying through a series of geodesic domes - from the diesel fumes of London to the humidity and sulphur of Beijing.


This installation was a bold and exciting animation of the implications of climate change. I consulted for artist Michael Pinsky on scent design for the London unveiling. I knew it worked when some visitors couldn't make it through the pathway, feeling they were too affronted with pollutants, even though every aroma was a safe simulation of its toxic equivalent. 

For more on Pollution Pods see The Guardian's review

Images by Peter McDiarmid for Somerset House

Exhibition display of perfume bottles at Somerset House London
Perfumed toy objects and photo-booth at Somerset House Londo
Person writing descriptions of perfume on card at Somerset House London
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