Odette Toilette


“Odette Toilette…whose experiential Scratch+Sniff events, such as fragranced tours of Tate Britain’s Pre-Raphaelites exhibition and cake-fuelled vintage scent afternoons, have delighted Londoners.”
– Financial Times

Welcome to your olfactory playground. Who needs slides and roundabouts when you’ve got some tinkling bottles of scent to explore?

I’m Lizzie Ostrom, a perfume obsessive who in 2010 started hosting olfactory events under my stage name, Odette Toilette. One of my friends said I’m a scentertainer which I thought was gross. Yet here I am, using it anyway.

To me, scent (or smell, call if what you will) is as important to life as books and music. I wanted to open up this magical yet often mysterious world, and to connect it with lots of other cultural subjects. Whether that’s history. Literature. Film. Fashion. Art. Music; I haven’t yet done video games.

I love coming up with interesting ways we can can enjoy, learn and be creative with our noses, whether you’re already interested (ie. addicted), or simply open to the adventure. I do truly believe that tuning into scent can offer us much joy – and it’s not just about smelling nice on a Friday night (wink wink).

Since then I’ve hosted hundreds of events, from my own productions to curating and collaborating with many of our best-loved cultural institutions and companies. A few favourites:

  • The Scent of Space with the Royal Observatory Greenwich, hosted in the historic Faraday Lecture Theatre at the Royal Institution
  • An Ancient Greek scent symposium at the British Museum, held in the ruins of one of the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Arranging the first Japanese incense ceremonies in living memory in the UK, in partnership with Fornasetti Profumi – an unforgettable experience which involved flying over Souhitsu Hachiya of the Shino-Ryu incense school in Kyoto.

I’m asked by companies from L’Oreal to Ruinart, Peroni to Unilever, to develop memorable experiences and launches for press and consumers, or to host creative workshops  for corporates looking for unusual client and team entertainment. Backstage, I often consult within the fragrance and food industries on new product development.

So whether you want to come to a talk, a sniffing event, a masterclass, listen to a podcast, or read a book, there’s hopefully lots to amuse you. If you’d like to get me as a speaker, then email hello [at] odettetoilette.com


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