Penning Perfumes

What happens when you give twelve poets each an anonymous bottle of perfume to try, and ask them to write a new poem in response to that scent?

And what happens when you give some perfumers a poem, and ask them to compost a fragrance off the back of it?

Penning Perfumes, an exchange between poets and perfumers and organised by Odette together with poet and poetry editor Claire Trevien, sought to find out.

We published a printed anthology of the new poems, which at just £5 a copy, you can buy  for a completely new way of experiencing perfume – take it to a perfume shop so you can sniff and read together.

Following an event in London, a UK Penning Perfumes tour is planned for 2013.

Penning Perfumes is sponsored by Seven Scent and by IdeasTap.

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