• LCF Formulates

    LCF Formulates
    Behind the scenes of cosmetic science

  • COS Celebrate the Senses

    COS Celebrate the Senses
    Fragrance meets the latest collection

  • Kodo Ceremony

    Kodo Ceremony
    Reviving the samurai art of Japanese incense

  • Tate Sensorium

    Tate Sensorium
    Experiencing art through all the senses

  • ode

    Promoting appetite through fragrance in dementia care

  • Aromatic Rituals

    Aromatic Rituals
    Restaging ancient scent ceremonies

  • Pleasure and Purpose

    Pleasure and Purpose
    A pop-up smell school for Australian brand Aesop

  • Le Tour de Teisseire

    Le Tour de Teisseire
    Media scent events on-board Eurostar

  • Life in Scents

    Life in Scents
    Podcast telling life stories through smell

  • MGallery by Sofitel Hotels

    MGallery by Sofitel Hotels
    Bringing history to life through scent


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