Smells Like Teen Spirit


Our next Scratch+Sniff event is going to be a nostalgia-fest where we take a little time machine back to our teenage years to relive the scents, or rather bodysprays, we wore back then.

Aside from the juice itself, I spent much of my early adolescence desperate for one of those necklaces that’s ALSO a perfume bottle, my quest always ending in failure. Not like it is now, when googling such an item results in hundreds of the things. Dewberry, Where did you Go?

But the question was always what to put into it. One of my early favourites was The Body Shop’s Dewberry, which alongside their Kiwi lipbalm was a must-have accessory. It was very popular in the girl’s changing room, even though its very sourness probably exacerbated, rather than relieved, that body odour twinge that followed a netball lesson.

Outrageously, Dewberry was discontinued, with tiny bottles of perfume oil now selling on ebay for upwards of £20. Ok, still affordable, but it used to sell for £3. Infamy! Which means the crowning glory scent for a certain generation, which I was going to put back into the spotlight, alongside some of the other old favourites (like Ananya or Fuzzy Peach) are all gone. Thank God you can still get White Musk. Don’t know what we’d do otherwise.

Though my 16 year old self was SO over Dewberry et al., and though nothing or nobody could have convinced her to keep the dregs, this trip down the memory lane of adolescence does make me see how valuable it is to kep a TINY bit of every perfume we wear, even if we hate it later on, just in case we one day wish to delve back into our mindset and life experiences of the various points in our lives. Even if only to relive the embarrassement, shame and awkwardness of it all.

So which perfumes did you wear during ‘those’ years, which you’d love to try again? We’ll have many of them there at the next Scratch+Sniff, but we’d love to know what we’ve missed that was indispensible to your teenage self…..

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