London’s original olfactory adventures, Scratch+Sniff are lively, fun and creative events in which the sense of smell takes centre stage.

Every experience is different, and we like to bring scent together with lots of other things. Come with your friends, come on a date, come solo and meet new people. Just come with your nostrils ready…

When booking, some of the events are sold by us direct, while others might take you to the ticketing page of another venue or partner.


Love, Lust and Longing

As part of the Freud Museum’s new exhibition on Freud and Eros, this atomospheric evening talk will have you sniffing fragrances to learn about the cultural history of scent and seduction. How has desire has been channelled into our use of aromatics – from they way that they’re named, to their smell, the packaging and finally advertising? Tickets £12.
Thursday 3rd February 2015, 7.00pm
The Freud Museum,
20 Maresfield Gardens, London, NW3 5SX

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