Design With Scents


Anyone interested in working in the area of scent and how it can be applied in other creative industries- check out a short upcoming summer course at Kingston University, South West London.

Here’s a message from Jo Norman, who co-convenes the course with Nicola Pozzani:

“It is open to everyone who loves fragrance/scent, we have had phd students, school leavers, architects, marketing professionals and aromatherapists. It looks at scent in a multi-sensory fashion in connection with the space around us. A week of total immersion!”

“I learnt more in the one week than in any other single week of my education” –
Dr Victoria Henshaw, from Sheffield Uni and author of ‘Urban Smellscapes’.

“An absolutely outstanding course that I would recommend to anyone interested in learning about or working with fragrance” – Prask Sutton, Marketing Agency, London.

“I had the most fantastic day! I really feel as if my eyes are opening up to a whole new universe…the presenters were utterly brilliant” – Francesca Segal

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5-day Workshop– 14-18 July 2014 10.00-4.00pm

Tutors: Nicola Pozzani, Joanna Norman & John Ayres.

Course fee: £590, inclusive of perfume kit.

Book and pay online here

Images by Ezzidin Alwan, Web & Multimedia Team, Kingston University, London

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