If this scent were an object, what would be its shape? And if it were a person, where would they do their food shopping? And would they have a tattoo?

We use all our senses when producing creative work, but somehow, smell often gets left behind. Our olfactory workshops are perfect for organisations looking for lateral thinking and a new approach, especially creative agencies and designers.

Discover how to harness scent as a stimulus for new ideas, how to translate thoughts and impressions between the nose, ears and
eyes and how to do this on your own and with other people. These sessions are fun, productive, and you might just leave with a few samples of interesting smells.

  • Workshops available from 90 minute to half-day and day-long formats
  • Can be applied to a specific communications brief or problem
  • Hosted onsite at your workplace or external venue
  • Very practical – expect to do things

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